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*Custom Video Script*Muscle Girl is in her house fully clothed, when she gets a call from her agency. She has been told that the villain that has been terrorizing the city has been spotted at the local warehouse. She laughs and states that he will have no chance against her and her strong muscles and sexy body. She poses her muscles off for the camera.

She also states that the villain will become excited when he sees her strong and sexy body, and it will distract him. With that in mind, she takes off her clothes and changes into her sexy micro bikini.

She poses her muscles, states the villain will have no chance against her, and heads off to the warehouse.Muscle girl enters the warehouse, and notices it is very large, with tons of tools, boxes, crates, and tables lying everywhere. She searches through the warehouse, and spots the villain in the distance.

She comes up to him, and his back is towards her. She spins him around, and notices he is fully nude.He is surprised to see her, and asks who she is. She states she is muscle girl, and that she is going to capture and turn him in. She poses her muscles, and laughs that people think he has a chance to beat her.

She laughs at how weak he looks, and at how small he is. He is obviously getting excited by her strong body. A sound is then heard in the warehouse, causing her to spin around. When she turns, he picks up a cardboard box and smashes it over her head, making her eyes slowly cross, and making her fall to the floor. She lay spread eagle on the floor, KO'd.

He poses his muscles over her, and runs to hide.Muscle girl slowly gets up and wonders what happened. She states that her plan to distract him was working until the sound was heard. She comes up with an even better idea to distract him. She takes off her entire outfit, and rubs some baby oil over her breasts and stomach.

She then poses her muscles for the camera, stating how strong and sexy she is. She states that he will definitely have no chance against her now. She goes in search of the villain.The villain spins her around and he is in shock at her oily sexy body. She states you didn't expect this huh?, and she low blows him hard, sending him to the floor.

He lay KO'd, and she poses over him and shows her muscles, and states how strong she is. He appears KO'd, but as she poses over him, he lifts up his knee and low blows her, causing her to hunch over. He then gets up, and they begin to fight.

She tries punching him, but he blocks it, and backs her against a wall. He begins punching her stomach slowly, and her facial expressions show the pain of each hit. He backs her away from the wall, and she is hunched over and can barely stand. He moves her next to a large crate and uppercut punches her, so that she gets KO'd and is sprawled over the crate, spread eagle.

The camera shows her sprawled body spread eagle over the crate. He poses his muscles and runs to hide.She wakes up and wonders where he is. She states that she is going to trick him. She is going to stay sprawled over the crate and pretend to be KO'd, so that she can get him when he comes back. She goes back to being KO'd, and the camera shows her sprawled over the crate. The villain comes back, and laughs that she is KO'd.

He looks over her body and notices that she is very sexy and toned. He leans close to her to make sure she is KO'd, and she raises her leg and kicks him in the crotch. This sends him to the floor, and she laughs and gets up.She states now its your turn, and she begins punching him in the face and stomach. She low blows him with her knee a few times also.

He tries to punch her, but she blocks it. He can barely stand now, and they move next to a table. She uppercut punches him, which sends him sprawled over the table, lying spread eagle. He is KO'd on the table, and she comments how weak he looks. She also notices that he seemed excited, which must be because of her strong and sexy body. She picks up more baby oil and rubs some over herself, and poses her muscles over him. While she is posing, he lifts up his leg and low blows her, and he gets off the table.

They begin exchanging punches and kicks, but he backs her against the wall and begins punching her stomach again. He picks up a tool of some kind and pins her to the wall, pushing it against her breasts. She fights back with a low blow, and he is weaker now. They move by the table and are exchanging punches and kicks.

She low blows him and he can barely stand. She begins posing her muscles and laughing at how weak she is. While she does that, he uppercut punches her, which knocks her out and sends her sprawled over the table, lying spread eagle. She lay KO'd, sprawled over the table, and the camera shows this.She slowly wakes up and the villain begins punching her stomach slowly as she is sprawled over the table. Her facial expressions show the pain of each hit. He then lifts her up, and they begin fighting. They lock their hands into a test of strength.

They are by the table, and she wins the test of strength, as he is pushed onto the table and is weaker now. She poses her muscles and is about to lift him up, but he low blows her again. They are both near the table still, and they are exchanging punches, and he uppercut punches her. This knocks her out and sends her sprawled over a cardboard box on the floor.

The camera shows her KO'd over the box, her body lying spread eagle.The villain comes back and picks her up from the box. She is still week and hunched over. She tries to punch him, but he blocks her punches. He backs her against the wall, and begins punching her stomach and breasts. She is hunched over, and he picks up a cardboard box and smashes it over her head, causing her to cross eye and slowly fall to the floor. She winds up sprawled spread eagle over a heavy crate.

The camera shows this.She then gets up and searches for him. She comes behind him and low blows him. She begins laughing, and posing her sexy muscles. She says that now its his turn to be sprawled over the crate. She walks him over to the crate and uppercut punches him, so that he becomes KO'd, and is sprawled over the crate.

He lay there KO'd, and she poses her muscles. She comes up to him and looks over his body, and comments on how he seems hard and excited. She turns around and poses her muscles. As she does t his, he lifts up his knee and low blows her, slowly sending her to the ground in pain.The villain hides, and she wakes up and is figuring out what to do. She comes up with a final plan. She says that she must find a way to sexually distract him and then knock him out.

She finds a heavy tool on the ground that will be good to use. She goes back towards the table, and picks up the baby oil. The villain comes up to her, and she begins distracting him. She rubs the oil over herself and poses her muscles, and asks him if he likes her strong and sexy body. It is clear that he is getting excited. She states that maybe they can be friends.

When he is clearly excited, she picks up her tool and low blows him, which knocks him out. She gets him to his feet and brings him to the table. He is KO'd now, and she ties him up. She poses her muscles again and laughs at the idea that he could beat her. She poses her muscles and oily body and walks away the winner.

Running time – 27:06

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