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Chloe has fallen a on the couch with her shoes on, just like her step-mom told her not to! When Daphne arrives and sees her, she slowly takes off Chloe's shoes and starts to sniff her feet while she is ing! Chloe stirs and Daphne started jumps away, and then returns when Chloe is back a, sniffing some more.When Chloe finally wakes up, she wonders why her shoes and socks are off. Daphne sits next to her and positions herself next to Chloe's feet. Chloe tells her that she has something in her hair, and puts her feet in Daphne's hair. Now, really turned on, Chloe has her feet all in Daphne's face and hair as Daphne tells her that she still has something in her hair, begging Chloe not to stop!!- Filmed in the point of view of Chloe

Running time – 11:34



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