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*Custom Video Script*Moon is a beautiful ET from outer space. She looks just like an earth girl and this allows her to fit right in on Earth. She dials a number on the phone to put in a dinner order. She states she would like a nice blonde, in shape, with a nice ass. She states that she's starving, it's been almost 2 days since she's eaten an Earth girl.Moon hangs up the phone and starts to set the table, she places salt and pepper and some napkins on the table.Soon, there is a knock at the door. A blonde is at the door and introduces herself as Irina. She says that Venus from the talent agency has sent her over and that Venus says that they could help her with dance training.Moon introduces herself and invites Irina inside and looks her over. Both girls undress nude. Moon states that Irina looks to be in great shape, that she just needs to tenderize her muscles a bit, as she massages Irina's body. Irina thinks that Moon is obviously a lesbian, and when Moon tells Irina that she is an alien from outer space, Irina goes along with Moon as she thinks she is role playing. Moon tells her that she is going to devour her, eat her alive that she is actually here to be her dinner. Irina is getting turned on by the role playing as she has fantasized about being swallowed alive. She sometimes imagines that she is grabbed out of bed at night by a creature that makes a meal out of her.Moon goes on to explain how her and her friends came to earth and have eaten many earth girls, and how they all have their own unique flavor. She tells Irina that she is going to eat her head first, like a snake. She asks Irina if she takes a little taste of her ass, since that is her favorite part...Irina tells Moon that she has a nice ass too, and asks if she can put her mouth on it. Moon leans over and allows Irina to fondle and kiss her ass. This leads to a playful give and take with each other. The girls start to fondle and caress each others body.Moon tells Irina that she doesn't know why they tell you not to play with your food, she loves playing with her food!The phone rings interrupting their lovemaking.Moon answers it - it's Starr. She laughs and tells Starr that she was at the nude lesbian beach yesterday, and how it's like a convenience store for them! Moon talks to Starr about eating earth girls and Irina starts to get concerned. Could this be for real?! After some more chat about eating earth girls, Moon hangs up the phone and walks back to the table. She takes the salt and pepper and starts shaking salt onto Irina's body. Irina does not know what to make of this.After seasoning Irina, Moon sits down at a chair at the head of the table. Ready to begin her meal, she is going to swallow Irina whole, headfirst. Irina asks Moon what she meant about eating all the earth girls, and about Venus catering her next party.Moon explains that Venus doesn't actually run a talent agency, she runs a home delivery restaurant!With these words Moon opens her mouth very wide, Irina screams, and Moon starts to devour her.We hear lots of eating, gulping, and moans of ecstasy from Moon as Irina's body is devoured headfirst, slowly disappearing into Moon's mouth, as Moon pulls her down, Irina's legs kick and flay around throughout the eating process. She is trying to escape Moon's grasp, but to no avail. We can see Moon's arms pulling Irina's body into her mouth.Moon finishes devouring Irina, she sits up straight and grabs a napkin off the table and pats her mouth.Moon licks her fingers, pats her belly and states that she could eat a couple more Earth girls! Moon hugs her midsection as if hugging Irina. She is being worked to a sexual frenzy and starts masturbating to a point of great pleasure!When she is done she picks up the phone and dials. She calls Amy and Lisa.. now it's time for dessert.

Running time –  23:17



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