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Seductive Studios is proud and excited to present our new series! Mixed Wrestling School! Now, you know that our girls are not trained athletes like many of the studios, but that does NOT mean that they are not tough as nails! We have brought in instructors and trainers, and volunteers, and we are going to document the sexy girls of Seductive Studios as they learn actual wrestling moves and practice on opponents! These will be a mix of moves from traditional competition wrestling, to moves from WWE, WWF. This is all real, genuine action from our girls!Today's class features Jenny & Rachel and the trainer teaching the girls some standard take downs and several submission holds.We have some leg scissors, holds, arm bars, and more!This is very exciting for us, and the girls are really pumped up for this. Both of them commented on how sore they were for the next few days!!We will continue to bring in new trainers, and volunteers to help the girls learn what it takes to REALLY compete in the ring, and when we have decided they are up to par - well... I don't want to ruin the surprise for you yet :)Stay tuned!!

Running time – 37:44



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