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**Custom Video Script **Missy is dressed sexy (mini skirt and boots) and is waiting for friends in her house. Somebody is knocking on the door, she opens and it is a thief girl. Missy says : "who are you?what are you doinmmmmmhh..." Not the time to finish the sentence that she is strongly handgagged from behind with her hands behind her back...(long handgag from behind around 2minutes). The thief pushes Missy on her bed and takes a grey duct tape and ties Missy's hands behind her back and her legs and thigh (on screen). The thief is behind Missy who is sitted on her bed all tied up and handgags her from behind a second time (2minutes). She tries to speak but due to the strong handgag, only mmmmhhh can be heard. The girl thief gags Missy with 2 pieces of grey duct tape (on screen). After few seconds struggling, the thief says : "if you promise to be quiet, i take off the gag." Missy agrees. The thief comes behind Missy and takes off the gag. At that point somebody is knocking on the door, it is her friend she was expected. Missy screams : "Helpmmmmmmhh". Directly, the thief handgags her again from behind during 3minutes. After that, she takes duct tape and gags Missy with 2 pieces of tape (on screen). The thief leaves her alone struggling on her bed all tied up and gagged.

Running time –  11:25

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