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Daphne plays a stuck up, high paid model who has turned down Frank the photographer quite a few times in the past.

Frank's friend Boris sends him a special flash in the mail. This flash is extra special, in fact, it has the power to put anyone that is blinded by it, under his complete control.Daphne shows up for the shoot after Frank promises her a huge sum of money.

She is completely rude to him and can't wait to get the shoot over with.Frank switches out the lights for the special one and Daphne is first stunned by the bright flash. The second flash has her completely under his control.Frank starts with making her take some sexy pics and freezes her mid pose and cops a feel.

Frank has Daphne call her friend and tell her what a good photographer he is, and that she is having a great time, and how handsome he is.She is then ordered to undress and clean  his studio.

This video has lots of "Yes Masters", zombie walking, blank stares, and suggestions.

Running time –  27:53

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