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Daphne has gone to therapy for her marriage problems and her therapist has been seeing her husband for quite some time and has agreed to see her now. There are sexual problems in her marriage that need resolving. The therapist is going to put her under so he can get to the root of the problems.

Soon Daphne is under and disclosing all of her personal information and tells the doctor that her husband is much too small for her. The doctor then says that to really get to the root of her sexual problems he needs to access her orgasm so he has her start to masturbate.

She is hesitant at first, but he reminds her that this is a safe environment. Daphne is soon playing with herself, and has her skirt hiked up and her blouse pulled low exposing her breasts and is moaning in pleasure. This session is now over, but it looks like she may have to come back for more work.

Running time –  16:04



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