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Daphne is getting ready for a party when there a knock at the door. She checks the door but nobody is there. Daphne finishes her makeup and leaves the bathroom and is quickly grabbed by the vampire who is in her room. He uses his powers to place her under his control and orders her to dance for him, as well as grinding on his crotch.

Daphne eventually snaps out of it and makes a run for it but the vampire is too fast and strong and catches her again and once again uses his eyes to place her under his spell. The vampire orders her to bend over the table and rips her panties down and fucks her from behind.

Daphne cries out and moans in pleasure as his cock thrusts into her and he bares his fangs as he rams her hard and fast.

Just as the vampire is about to cum, Daphne snaps out of his power and the vampire throws her down to the table, rips down her top and feasts on her big tits until he’s had his fill.

Running time – 13:23



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