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Daphne is a member of the W.O.L and her next assignment is to protect a famous hotel heiress, London St. James.

She plans on going deep undercover and pretending to be St James and foiling the assassination attempt that is scheduled for the heiress.

Daphne arrives at the hotel and calls headquarters ensuring her boss that St James is at a safe house. Daphne heads to the bedroom and gets under the cover and pretends to be a, awaiting the hit.

At the front door, the enemy agent, Heather, enters and heads for her mark, . She enters the bedroom... this is almost too easy. As Heather edges towards the bed, she is surprised as Daphne springs from the covers and kicks Heather's hand.

The girls start to circle each other and it's not the first time they've met in combat. The fight gets brutal and eventually Daphne gets the upper hand and slams a trash can down on Heather's head and karate kicks her to the floor, knocking her cold.... she heads back to her base.

Daphne checks back in with the W.O.L. database and reports her mission success. She heads up to her shower and starts to unwind from the day. She enjoys the hot water and her tight muscles eventually relax.Until a very disheveled Heather kicks in the door and grabs Daphne by the throat.

That fuck up cost Heather very dearly with her superiors and she is going to make that bitch Daphne pay. Heather drags Daphne out of the shower and starts to deliver the ass kicking of a lifetime!

Running time - 28:10

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