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Daphne & Kaylee are having a over tonight. They get into their pj's and the discussion turns into if each other have ever kissed a girl before. They decide to give it a shot and Daphne gets really turned on. She starts to run her hands down Kaylee's body when Kaylee pulls away and decides it feels too weird for her.

Daphne then undresses her and licks up and down her body. Eventually she picks Kaylee up and carries her to a different room where she is placed on a rack, zip tied spread eagled with a ball gag in her mouth. Daphne waits for Kaylee to awaken then rubs her hand up and down Kaylee's smooth body, she kisses and sucks on Kaylee's perky tits then leaves her for a moment and comes back with a shiny silver vibrator.

She shows it to Kaylee and tells her that she is going to have her cum again and again.

Daphne places the vibrator between Kaylee's tits and slowly makes the decent towards her pussy...Daphne continues the exquisite tease with the vibrator bringing Kaylee to orgasm after orgasm. Kaylee tries to fight them off, pulling her knees in tight but the zip ties are too tight and eventually her back arches off the rack in one crushing orgasm after another. Daphne turns off the vibrator and rubs Kaylee's clit with her hand bringing her to yet another orgasm, then sticks her fingers in her mouth to see what Kaylee tastes like. The vibrator comes back on and Daphne gives it to Kaylee a few more times until the last orgasm leaves her eyes fluttering in the back of her, limp on the rack..

Running time - 29:06

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