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Lily Druw has been investigating an old case of a big jewel heist. The trail has ended here at an old mansion and Lily is determined to crack the case! She phones her girlfriend Daphne and tells her that she is going to investigate and sets out to check out the basement of the mansion.

Lily is snooping around when she is KO'd from behind by our villain ( Kelly ) with a blow to the back of the head . Kelly strips Lily down and ties her up tight. Is this all for our detective? Or will Daphne come to save the day? The girls try to free themselves from the tight tie of Kelly and eventually Lily Druw is able to work the knots free with her mouth freeing the girls.

They briefly celebrate until Kelly returns, drawn and ends their premature party. Lily & Daphne find themselves bound tightly together, intricately tied, with each girl a noose around her neck. Kelly admires her handiwork and tells Lily that she's off to find the jewels. Lily Lily & Daphne be able to free their selves from this trap?!

Lily and Daphne manage to get the drop on Kelly and her to strip down to her panties like she did to them. They decide to have a bit of fun with her before calling the police after seeing her beautiful body and begin to squeeze her tits and kiss up and down her body. The girls get so into Kelly that they totally forget about her boyfriend until he arrives and orders them all to stand with their arms above their heads....

We fade back into all three girls tied arms above head. They have a rope around their necks, pantyhose around their face, panties shoved into their mouths with duct tape covering. Each girl also has a zip tie holding the pantyhose tight around their necks. The boyfriend tells them that he's going to make off with the jewels now, and he's cut a gas line in the house and shortly they will begin to feel the effects of the gas.

Can Lily Druw figure out a way out of this one?!

The girls tie Kelly up to the bed until the police can arrive. Daphne leaves Lily with Kelly and heads off to find a phone. While Daphne is away, Lily decides to play a bit with Kelly and starts to kiss up and down her taut body. Kelly whispers into Lily's ear that she can pleasure her way better if she was untied. Lily falls for the ruse and is soon lying cold on the bed. Kelly makes her escape, but not before stringing Lily up for payback. Daphne returns to find her girlfriend tied up with a ball gag in her mouth.

She is really upset because she can guess what happened. Will jealousy get the best of the girls? Or can they work out their differences, and have a "happy" ending?

Running time - 53:45

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