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Rachel is getting ready for work in her bedroom, by putting on her tan pantyhose. She is grabbed from behind by a man with a ski mask, and he places his hand over her mouth to stop her from crying out. He pulls her skirt down and zip ties her hands behind her back.

She is then sat down on the bed and a rag is shoved into her mouth before tape is wrapped around her head several times. The man then lies her down on the bed and zip ties her ankles together and rubs up and down her pantyhose clad legs.

After some time, Rachel is wrapped in the sheet of the bed and he pulls her pantyhose down to her knees and rubs her smooth exposed legs before pulling the pantyhose back up, wrapping her again in the sheet and carrying her out of the room into the trunk of his car.

Back at his house, she is placed on the couch and unwrapped. He removes her tan pantyhose and puts on black ones part way, and has her to put them on fully. Her tape gag is removed and a rag is shoved into her mouth and a bandanna is secured around her mouth. She is wrapped again in the sheet and he picks her up over his shoulder and carries her from the room, rubbing her pantyhose clad legs.

Running time - 16:47



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