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Scott has found some hidden files on one of his associates Stacy and now realizes that she is actually a trained assassin. He knows that he has to be careful around her now as he knows a lot of secrets and Stacy is probably there to steal them and take him out!

When Stacy shows up to the office, she tells Scott that he seems very tense as she rubs his back. Stacy tries to seduce him and Scott tells her to leave before he calls the cops, with that Stacy chops him in the throat with her hand and he falls to the ground. Its time for her and him to have a little chat!She throws him to the chair and straddles him, squeezing with her powerful thighs and crushing him, demanding for him to tell her who he told about her secrets.

Stacy laughs as Scott cries out in pain as his ribs are being squeezed. Stacy gives a final squeeze and snaps Scott's back and ribs. We then see that Stacy has brought Scott to the bedroom and he cant move as he is in severe pain. Stacy mounts him and puts him in a grapevine hold and torments him with her powerful legs.

She removes all of her clothes and mounts him again fully naked and squeezes him with her thighs. Scott is in so much pain, but also turned on as Stacy grinds her naked pussy on him as she squeezes. Eventually she tires of the game, puts Scott's head between her thighs and makes sure Scott is unable to tell anyone else about her secret.

Running time - 14:16



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