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Kelly is mad at Daphne for stealing her tip money at the restaurant they work at and goes over to her place to get her money. She brings along a thug in a mask just in case she resists. As Kelly figured, Daphne denies all of it so she has her thug hold her arms back while Kelly tries getting it out of her but she wont talk. so now they switch, Kelly now holds Daphne's arms back while the thug tries to get her to talk.

Finally, Daphne talks and they let her go. But not just yet! Kelly ask her thug to hold Daphne back 1 more time so Kelly can humiliate her by calling Daphne's boyfriend to tell him Daphne has been cheating on him for months.

Daphne tries her best to get away from the thug so she can stop Kelly but she just can...end of part 1. Now part 2:  Daphne is pissed at Kelly for what she did to her so she goes to Kelly place for payback. She brings along the same thug to do to Kelly exactly what was done to her. the thug holds Kelly's arms back and Daphne has her way with her. then after a while, they switch and Daphne holds Kelly arms back while the thug torments her. Then after a while they let her go, but then Daphne asks the thug to hold Kelly back so Daphne can call Kelly boy and tell him she has been cheating on him too. Kelly hates this, tries desperately to escape but she cant...the end.  So what do you think???  Now just a couple of things. Please have both girls in a sleeveless top.  And If frank could just wear a tee shirt, that would be fine. And one last thing regarding the holding. Can you please make sure when the holder is doing the holding, please make sure both arms are being held just as tight. On the last vid Daphne held one arm tighter then the other. I really like it better when both arms are held tight. U can see the attached pics to understand better what I mean. And as always, when any of the girls are being held, please have them keep their hands out in front, NOT behind their back. No kicking, and no views from the floor up. If possible please show straight on views as well as both side views. 

Running time - 10:42



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