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Moon is on the phone with Venus. She thanks her for the two delicious earth girls that were delivered on Tuesday, they were scrumptious! Moon puts in another dinner order... this time she is in the mood for a tasty brunette... yes, she has to be pretty, and have a great ass!

Moon hangs up the phone and prepares her massage table.Some time later, there is a knock at the door and a stunning brunette awaits Moon. She explains that her name is June, and that Venus sent her, and that Moon gives great lesbian massages!

Moon licks her lips in anticipation of a delicious meal and invites June in. June explains that she is in the lesbian porn industry. The two start to talk and are soon undressed with Moon giving June a massage on the table. She talks about how she loves to eat earth girls, and June is a bit turned on, and relates how she has done some lesbian eating herself!

Not like this she hasn't....Moon tells June she is going to EAT her, and her mouth stretches impossibly wide as she devours June headfirst, while June kicks and struggles.After the meal, Moon's appetite has been satisfied, but she has been worked into a sexual frenzy, and masturbates on the couch. We fade back into Moon on the couch with a huge stomach, on the phone with Venus, talking about how delicious her meal was.. and what's in store for dessert!

Running time - 17:28



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