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Krista is the hottest real estate agent on the slopes. Her confidence, great looks and charm have driven her career to the top  and every northerly cottage she sells has become increasingly impressive. Unfortunately, shes about to learn that her reputation has attracted society's worst.

Clad in tight jeans, a tight white top, our first scene begins as Krista leads a potential home-buyer into the confines of the nicest ski chalet around. As she goes about her usual sales pitch, she fails to notice that the man behind her is cautiously pulling his jacket, with the intent of robbing the place dry during open house. Her spiel is interrupted .

The thief explains that she wont be hurt if she complies with his demands, as he begins to lead her to the basement. Krista is fully clothed albeit tied tightly to a chair in the basement. She is blindfolded as well. Her ankles and thighs are tied with coils of rope. Her hands are tied behind her back and loops of rope encircle her upper torso.

She begins to protest against her captor, however he is quick to cleave-gag her onscreen with a bandanna. Again, he advises that she wont be hurt and that his plan is to keep her tied up for a few hours while he loots the place. After telling her this, he removes the blindfold and continues upstairs, leaving his captive to eyeball the basement wildly while trying to speak through her gag.

Krista is left to struggle  allowing plenty of time for close-ups of her sweet face and tied figure. She struggles to untie her hands but has a terrible time. She hears another couple she had scheduled to meet upstairs enter, and the robber cleverly pretending to play real estate agent. This causes her to struggle even more, though once again her efforts are useless!

Amazingly, the robber seals the deal, only to continue looting once the couple has left. Krista rolls her eyes in amazement, wondering when shell finally be rescued. Time will tell!

Running time - 14:20



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