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In this episode of In My Belly Effy has asked Daphne to swallow her a pregnancy test as she thinks she may be pregnant! 8 months later we find Daphne talking with a now very pregnant Effy who is still inside of her belly. Steven and Effy have arranged for a doctor to help walk them through everything and when the doctor shows up, she introduces herself and is actually the twin step-sister of the wedding officiant who married Effy and Steven!

The doctors is ready to teach her Lamaze class and asks if anyone minds if they bring another pregnant girl, Nicole, into the class with them.The class starts with Effy participating inside of Daphne's stomach via Face time. Nicole starts to feel contractions, right at the same time that Effy does!It looks like its time for Effy to deliver this will be the first ever birth inside of a belly!

Running time - 21:24



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