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*Custom Video* The video would be POV style where the shot would mainly be of a model from the waist up, with occasional full body views. She'd be wearing some bright lingerie (or bikini), preferably yellow or lime-green, and some kind of full-body coat on top. The premise of the video would be I am a captured spy and she is an interrogator sent to question me. Instead of using , she'd use her body and my arousal to obtain compliance. So in the beginning of the video she'd say, "So you thought you could get away with it," and other things like that, basically insinuating I've failed my mission. She'd tell me, "Well, it's pointless to resist now. You're in a very secure compound and you don't stand a chance against me ... " and she'd begin to show off some of her cleavage by opening your coat, and letting me have glimpses of her legs and ass from behind. She'd explain, "You see, I don't overpower my prisoners, or break them down, but I'm very, very, very good at getting them to cooperate." She'd lean in close to the camera as you say this and each time you say "very" you'd pull off more and more of the coat until you were completely out of it, just wearing the lingerie. Preferably this would be done by minute two. She'd then talk about how throbbing hard my cock was and how obvious my desire was for her. She'd say, "Do you really want to resist me? And this perfect body? These big, jiggly tits?" as you'd rub and jiggle your tits for me. "I'll make you a deal. You stroke your cock, and if you can resist cumming to me, I'll let you go free. But if you can't resist cumming, you'll tell me everything you know." Then she'd proceed to talk dirty to me, telling me how much you like watching me stroke my dick for her. She would tell me to go fast or slow, to tease my head, and to imagine what it would be like to have her big pretty tits wrapped around my cock. After a few minutes of this she'd look into the camera with a pout and say, "Still feel like fighting it? Doesn't it feel good? Don't you want to give in completely? Maybe you need more of an incentive ... " and she'd begin to strip out of her top, first simply pulling it down so that her tits flopped out over the top, jiggling them and asking if I'd like to cum on them, then completely removing it. She'd tell me that she can see the pre-cum dripping out of me and lick her lips. "You won't be able to fight it for long," she'll say. "You want to cum. You need to cum. Here, let me help," and then she'd slip your hand out of frame and move her arm up and down, implying that her hand was jerking my cock. She'd lean close to the camera and say "Feels good, doesn't it? Doesn't it? Doesn't it?" She'd rub your tits with her other hand and say, "Do you want to cum for me? All over these fat tits? Want to dump your load all over my perfect body? Tell me. Tell me you want to, baby." Then step away so her whole body's in the shot. She'd say, "Looks like we've reached an agreement, haven't we? You'll tell me everything you know. Give in completely. Cooperate willingly with my interrogation." She would begin to walk closer to the camera, so that her face and tits are in the shot. "And I'll let you cum. All over these nice, big tits. Let you watch the cum drip down them, down my body. Oooh, you're so close, aren't you, baby? I bet your balls are boiling. Just aching to cum. Are you gonna cum? Are you? Gonna squirt that hot, creamy load all over these pretty tits?" She'd keep talking like that for a few more seconds, and then she'd act like you were taking an imaginary load all over your tits, "Oooh, baby, that's so much cum, look at how pretty that looks," and she'd rub and jiggle her tits for the camera while smiling in victory for a few seconds. At the end of the video she'd thank me for cooperating.

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