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Aria and Rory are preparing for a night out when a masked stranger breaks into their flat. Rory doesn’t hear the masked man grab Aria, as she is gagged quickly with an inflatable gag that the man pumps up tight so that he can tie up Aria in peace.

When Rory comes to check on Aria, she is horrified to see her friend lying naked, tied up on the bed and runs for help!

He quickly catches her and shoves a rag into her mouth and ties her up. He then goes back to the bedroom to finish Aria’s ties for transport and pumps up the gag a few more times for good measure. The man then returns to Rory and places another inflatable gag into her mouth and pumps it up keeping her quiet.

Aria is carried out of the house to his van, past the struggling Rory, and then he returns for her, and carries Rory to the van as well.

Running time – 28:41



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