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Jae is at home, reading on the couch. Daphne and Whitney are getting ready to go out for dinner, they are so hungry and complain about it repeatedly. The girls look through the book and comment on how much fun they had that night! They talk about their dinner plans and decide on going out for dinner.

When the girls return their stomachs are huge and bloated! They talk about their dinner and each girl talks about how they all ate at different places different people for that matter! They go into detail on how each girl got their dinner into their bellies! Finally exhausted, they lie down on the couch to let their dinner digest.Later on, Jae is in the kitchen and talk about how they have no groceries and need to get some food.

Daphne agrees to get some food. Whitney as a on the couch when there is a knock at the door, it is Jae's boyfriend, and she is all over him, much to Whitney's dismay.. she hates him!Whitney excuses herself to the bedroom and Jae and Frank cuddle on the couch. Jae leaves to her room to go get ready and Whitney joins Frank on the couch, and Frank starts to get really touchy feely with her, obviously flirting.

Whitney finally has enough of Franks flirting and her mouth expands and she starts to devour Jae's boyfriend whole!!Whitney now has a huge belly and realizes what she has done and doesn't want Jae to notice so she covers up with a blanket on the couch.

Jae comes out in her lingerie and wants to know where her boyfriend is. Whitney says that he left, and Jae thinks it weird, and asks Whitney what is wrong. She explains that she isn't feeling well. Jae calls Franks phone and can hear it ringing from inside Whitney's belly!! Jae is furious when she realizes what Whitney has done and takes her revenge by eating Whitney whole!!Jae now sits on the couch in her lingerie, stomach bulging when Daphne gets home.

Daphne is furious that Jae ate without her, since it is their thing to eat together!They start to argue and when Jae lets it slip that its Whitney that she ate Daphne's mouth expands and she then eats Jae whole head first!!

Daphne is left all alone on the couch with a huge stomach and she talks to the girls in her belly about how satisfied she is and how she needs to nap and look for some new friends.

Running time - 30:28



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