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Jenny enters Daphne's bedroom wearing only her underwear and a pair of rubber gloves while Daphne is ing in bed, underneath sheets. She puts her hand over Daphne's mouth who wakes up startled. Jenny puts her finger to her lips and shushes her. Jenny tells Daphne she enjoyed their date the other night and wanted to see her again. Jenny tells her since she's also a doctor, she wanted to drop by for a house visit.

She then asks if Daphne would like a examination and very much implies it's going to be sexual. Daphne nods her head.Jenny says she's first going to check her pulse while keeping her hand over Daphne's mouth the whole time. She kisses her on the neck then proceeds to remove the sheet off Daphne's body. She likes the light color underwear Daphne has on.

Jenny moves to Daphne's breasts. First putting her hand underneath the bra, feeling the breast and nipple. She does the same to the other breast then kisses around the bra. Jenny then slips her hand underneath Daphne's panties and feels her vagina. Jenny comments it feels a little rough and that she knows what it needs - a vagina massage. Jenny asks Daphne if she wants a kiss first. Daphne nods her head. Jenny takes her hand off her mouth and kisses her. She puts her hand back over Daphne's mouth after the kiss. Daphne tries to say something, but Jenny shushes her again.

She tells her she doesn't want the neighbors to hear so she's going to keep her hand over her mouth, just in case. Jenny then proceeds to give Daphne the vaginal massage until she orgasms. It's soft and sensual. - last half of video After the first orgasm, Jenny takes Daphne's hand and places it in her panties. She tells Daphne she's going to give her another vaginal massage, but she wants Daphne to give her one in return as well. Daphne starts massaging Jenny's vagina. Jenny tells her she's doing a good job then proceeds one with the second orgasm. After they're done, Jenny ask if she'll like more of these examinations and Daphne nods her head. Jenny bends down and kisses Daphne one more time.

Running time - 9:34



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