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Moon answers a knock on the door. It is Chrystal  she is from the licensing department investigating Moons Home Delivery Erotic Food Co.  it appears it is not licensed, and she has some questions about the business.

Moon invites her to sit down, and explains that Venus delivers food to them since they all immigrated to Earth together. Moon is getting more turned on and hungry by the minute. Moon explains that they eat whole women, alive.

Chrystal, confused, still thinks that this is some sort of escort service.After some talk about lesbians and how much the food turns Moon on, Chrystal is starting to get aroused, but tries not to show it. Moon talks her into getting her clothes off as she relates a story of a previous meal at the beach. The tasty subject is turning both girls on and they start kissing and rubbing on each other.

Eventually Moon asks Chrystal to lie down on the table and pours salt on Chrystal's ass. Chrystal is confused, and asks what is going on, and once again Moon tells her that she is from outer space. Chrystal takes her seriously this time as Moon starts to devour her feet first!

After the feast Moon tells her Chrystal, who is now in her belly that she was delicious and will be part of her forever. We hear Chrystal's muffled voice begging to be let out, but this just turns on Moon who sits down to masturbate furiously!Now, extremely stimulated, she calls up two girls and invites them over for dinner. 

Running time - 14:51



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