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*Custom Video*I'd like to see this fantasy realized. it's a foot fetish clip with two girls, a mistress and a slave girl.The wardrobe is at your choice, nothing nudity, only foot fetish scenes.This is the script:Part 1: the mistress is wearing sneakers (do also work boots or other closed shoes) No socks.She takes off her shoes and remains barefoot, then begins to caress and to play with feet the loose hair of her slave girl sitting before.Part 2: the slave girl is now lying down and the mistress uses her feet rubbing them on the hair of slave girl.Part 3: the slave girl is lying with her hair spread on the floor, the mistress tramples her hair and remains above then she gets licked in turn one foot at a time remaining over her hair, finally, she rubs her feet on the hair of slave girl

Running time - 15:07

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