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Hannah is the soon-to-be wife of a wealthy millionaire. It turns out her motive for marriage isn't love...it's money. Her selfishness and greed drives her to want his money and still fool around behind his back. Hannah is so good at what she does that he is oblivious to any deceit.

The millionaire man is going to marry Hannah unless his assistant, Daphne, can convince him not to. Daphne has taken it upon herself to disrupt Hannah's plot. However, Hannah has caught wind of Daphne's detective work.

Daphne has gathered enough pictures and documents to thwart Hannah's evil plan. She's stored everything on a jump drive and is ready to give it to her boss. Hannah considers hiring a hit man, but her future husband will question why she's spent such a large sum of money. Daphne has never been fond of Hannah so convincing her to not hand the USB drive to her boss won't work...she has only one option, and that is to retrieve the USB drive herself.

SCENES: Hannah enters the house wearing a bikini top, shorts, and bare feet. She goes upstairs and begins her search for the disk ). Daphne enters front door in a dress and heels. Hannah hears Daphne and quickly hides. Daphne goes upstairs to change. Daphne takes off her shoes and dress, stripping down to her bra and underwear. Hannah takes this opportunity and tries to leave quietly while Daphne has her back turned. Daphne hears foot steps and turns around to see Hannah. Start dialogue with confrontation.

Daphne: "What the FUCK are you doing here"? Hannah, realizing that she's caught, changes her look of innocence and shock into sass and attitude. "Look honey, you know why I'm here." --continue short dialogue exchange about the situation. As they talk Hannah slowly walks towards Daphne, who slowly backs away until she hits the wall. Now they are face to face and Hannah says one more line about giving her the disk or Daphne's going to. --brief view of Hannah's glaring face and Daphne staring right back. zoom out to full body view. Hannah lunges both hands around Daphne's throat and the fight is on. 

Running time - 25:37

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