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Daphne has come over to visit Piper, and Piper has something very special planned for her indeed. She has a pair of skin tight black leather gloves that she wants to show Daphne. She grabs Daphne from behind wearing nothing more than her black bra and panties and  covers Daphne's mouth with her gloved hand, and pushes her onto the bed. She rubs her hands up and down Daphne's body while covering her mouth, kissing up and down Daphne's body.

Daphne is getting so turned on and eventually her clothes come on and both girls are in their bra and panties. Piper grabs Daphne from behind, and covers her mouth with her gloved while rubbing Daphne's pussy with the other hand, bringing Daphne to a crushing orgasm!

Running time - 10:05

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