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Daphne is going about her day when she hears someone banging on her front door so she goes to open it up and its one of her girl friends the one who gets in trouble with the law a lot and she has really done it this time.

Daphne asks her friend what is going on what she has done but she says no time to explain the cops are after her and she needs somewhere to hide. Daphne's friend panicking searches for a place to hide but Daphne tells her no way she getting into trouble for hiding her friend.

Daphne's friend gives up on trying to find a place she knows the cops will find her someway. She begins to plead with Daphne to help her to help her find a place she can hide that the cops will never look or find her in. After pleading and starting to beg Daphne tells her friend to calm down and that she will help her hide from the cops. Daphne tells her friend she does have an idea of a place to hide but tells her friend it is a very crazy idea but Daphne's friend assures Daphne she will do anything she doesn't care what crazy idea Daphne has up her sleeve.

Daphne then tells her friend if she is definitely sure about this then OK and then Daphne tells her friend there is one place for sure the cops will never find her its a guarantee idea that will work and Daphne's friend says OK hurry what and where is the hiding place and Daphne then simply points her finger at her stomach and says right here.

Daphne's friend is confused and a little irate as she doesn't have time for games she needs to hide but Daphne assures her friend again and tells her that the hiding place where no cops or anyone will find her is inside her belly. Daphne's friend says what does Daphne mean by inside her belly and Daphne says to her friend she kinder has this ability to eat and swallow anything and what Daphne is suggesting is for her friend to let her swallow her down whole and she can just sit and hide inside of her belly till the coast is clear.

Daphne's friend is shocked and emphatically says no way she is going to let Daphne swallow her but Daphne again assures her its the best hiding place saying the cops will never suspect it. Daphne says she will just pretend she is very very pregnant when they notice her big belly she will have. Daphne's friend says what about your stomach acids they will eat her alive but Daphne assures her she will throw her up and she will be out before that happens.

Daphne's friend is still unsure and thinks about it but Daphne lays it down for her if she doesn't want to get caught by the cops, go to jail all that then she needs to let her swallow her right now. With time ticking away finally Daphne's friend agrees to the plan and to let Daphne actually swallow her down so she can hide inside her belly.Daphne then begins she tells her friend to quickly lie down on her couch and Daphne gets into position and says she is going to eat her friend feet first that way she will land in her stomach feet first not head first.

Daphne asks her friend if she is ready and sure about this and the only thing Daphne's friend asks is will it hurt and Daphne calmly tells her she should feel no pain at all and then Daphne's friend watches in amazement as we see Daphne's mouth begin to open up but open up hugely it stretches out big time and then she begins to actually eat and swallow her friend starting with the feet of course and continues on as Daphne's friend watches as she starts to disappear down Daphne's throat. Daphne continues to gulp and gulp her friend down till she finally reaches her friends head as her friend begins to think this was a bad idea but too late as we see her head disappear and then we hear one last loud big gulp from Daphne.

We then get a shot of Daphne on the couch holding and rubbing her now huge pregnant like belly. Daphne then lets out a small little burp and says excuse me. She then talks to her huge belly checking on her friend seeing if she is OK. We can then hear her friend talking from within Daphne's stomach talking about how she is feeling and what it is like in Daphne's stomach. She is not liking this but Daphne again assures her now no cops will find her she is safe inside Daphne's belly. Suddenly there is a knock at the door it and at the door is the cops here to find Daphne's friend.

Daphne quickly tells her friend to stop talking and be quiet as Daphne slowly stands up from the couch due to all the weight of her now huge belly and slowly makes her way to answer the door.It is actually even worst than at first thought as it's two detectives from the police specifically assigned to be here searching and looking for Daphne's friend. They ask Daphne if she has seen her friend and Daphne tells them she hasn't. The Detectives then ask if they can have a look around Daphne's place and Daphne says she doesn't mind so the detectives begin to look around and do their search as Daphne stands around little worried holding her big pregnant like belly.

While they search we then can hear Daphne's friend whispering and talking from inside Daphne's stomach and Daphne quickly says for her to be quiet. One of the detectives hears her and asks who she talking too and Daphne just lies and says she was talking to her baby as she pretends and acts like she is very pregnant. The other detective then asks how many she is having as it looks like Daphne is pregnant with multiple babies but Daphne just continues to lie and play along acting pregnant. Finally the detectives feel like they have done a good search of Daphne's house and have found no trace of her friend so they decide to leave but tell Daphne if she sees her friend to call the police station or risk being in trouble herself and Daphne understands and tells the detectives she will call if her friend shows up.

As Daphne is letting the detectives out the door we hear a cell phone begin to ring and its not the detectives nor is it Daphne's phone until Daphne suddenly then realizes and knows it is actually Daphne's friend cell phone ringing inside Daphne's stomach. The detectives can hear the ringing and wondering where it is coming from and they have a listen and look around but luckily they don't realize it is coming from inside of Daphne's stomach.

Finally the ringing stops much to Daphne's relief and the detectives decide to ignore it and then they again head outside to leave again letting Daphne know to contact the station if her friend shows up and with that the detectives leave for good as Daphne says goodbye to them. We then see Daphne slowly walk back into the room holding her still very pregnant like belly and then begins to talk to her stomach to her friend and Daphne tells her that it was two detectives who came and searched her house but couldn't fine a thing and she says she told her friend it would all work out and with that we hear Daphne's friend voice say she could hear everything that was happening and she then says sorry she doubted Daphne and thanks her friend Daphne for everything.

Daphne tells her friend the detectives almost caught them as they could hear her friend's cell phone ringing and Daphne's friend says she forget to put it on silent and says she thinks her phone stopped ringing because Daphne's stomach acids got to it and her stomach acids is starting to get to her friend a little bit now so Daphne's friend then says to Daphne she is all ready now to get out of Daphne's stomach before her stomach acids eat her alive but Daphne begins to rub her big belly and says to her friend unfortunately know she said she would but Daphne's had a change of heart. Daphne says she loves the feeling of her friend inside her belly and she actually loves having this big pregnant like belly. Daphne's friend cant believe it she begins to yell and scream from within Daphne's stomach saying to be let out but Daphne wont budge.

Daphne then can feel her friend kicking and punching her insides but she just smiles and laughs as she holds and rubs her big belly enjoying every second of it. Daphne then tells her friend don't worry just enjoy your new home now in her belly as we continue to hear her friend screaming away from within. Daphne then has an idea she decides she is going to go try on some new clothes and model her new big pregnant like belly.

Daphne walks off and short time later she returns wearing new clothing that she picked out and loved and begins to admire it with her new big belly. We continue to hear her friend talking from within Daphne's stomach as Daphne wishes she could see her new look and clothes. Daphne then slowly sits and lies down on her couch holding and rubbing her big pregnant like belly. Daphne then tells her friend to again calm down and enjoy her new home as her friend continues to yell and scream from within her belly but then the friends voice begins to fade and fade until then cannot hear her voice anymore.

Daphne continues to hold and rub her belly and then she says if anybody asks in the meantime she will again say she is just pregnant and as for her friend's disappearance everyone including the cops will think she is on the run. Daphne then decides to have a nap and that's where we leave things at.

Running time - 17:31



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