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Jenny is very upset that her husband has been fucking a much younger woman behind her back. Jenny calls the mistress and confronts her on the phone. The girls agree to meet and fight, the winner keeps Jenny's husband, the loser, loses everything.

Jenny prepares for the fight by putting on a sexy black pair of nylon stockings, and lacing up a very sexy pair of tall leather boots. Her plan is to intimidate the young bitch.

Later, we see Jenny waiting in her room. She has on long French nails, red lipstick, black thigh high nylon stockings with black six inch lace top, shiny stiletto heel platform boots and black lace panties and a black lace bra. Jenny is confident with her sexy outfit!

Hailey enters the room wearing sneakers, a top and panties and quickly takes off her top. Hailey taunts Jenny calling her a slut and an old wife, wearing tall fuck me boots!The girls start to fight by slapping and pulling hair and nipple twisting!

Eventually the older Jenny is broken down while Hailey talks about how she fucks her husband and how much he likes it! Hailey is in complete control now!

Later, we now see Jenny is tied naked arms and legs stretched taut, glistening from sweat from her lost fight. Hailey approaches, nude only wearing sneakers with a bull whip Jenny starts to moan. Hailey grabs Jenny's nipple from behind and twists it while whipping Jenny with the other hand.

Its too much for the old wife: Jenny comes her last time and the nude, young mistress has Jenny to a crushing painful last orgasm....Blonde, glistening (from sweat) Jenny is made to cum, having her last final orgasm crying out all her pain " NOOOOO, Oh Nooooo " while young nude mistress Hailey trash talks to her, answering " YEEEEEEEEES, YEEES , come for me, for your husbands mistress, not for your husband " .... Jenny has a long orgasm, Hailey mocks her, "You're coming to an orgasm in your slutty knee-high stiletto boots and nylon stockings you slutty old bitch?

You will loose, you poor old slut. You wrongly decide to wear the wrong clothing for our fight, that's your fault, you decided to wear Fuck-me-boots and black nylon stockings, a wrong decision, you poor old wife " ..... Poor Jenny, totally exhausted from her painful orgasm , her skin shining and glistening , soaked from sweat, gives up and surrenders, telling her young nude rival Hailey under tears she leaves her husband for her once and for all now and she let Hailey have her husband now ..... Jenny admits under tears she lost their fight , Hailey won .... But Hailey tells Jenny she will whip out her love to her husband once and for all....

Hailey whips Jenny's back with Jenny crying out her pain as the whip cracks her back again and again .... The nude young bad ass mistress Hailey whips Jenny's glistening nude skin harder and harder from behind!

Running time - 16:17



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