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Jenny is out for her morning run when she starts to get tired and thirsty. She stops at a local house to see if she can get a sip. There is a sign on the door that states that anyone who enters must remove their shoes and socks and wash their feet. Jenny says this must not apply to her and enters the house anyways.

Mistress Daphne waits inside, and Jenny sits on the couch and places her feet that still have her dirty sneakers on, on the table. What she does not know is that Daphne, seeing that Jenny has violated her sign, has made the sip extra strong and soon Jenny is fast out. Jenny awakes to find herself handcuffed to a bed and Daphne reveals to her that for violating her sign she is going to be punished because she is a foot mistress! Daphne starts with taking off Jenny's shoes and cutting up her socks. She then makes Jenny strip and cuffs her back to the bed. Jenny's punishment starts as her feet are whipped with a bamboo cane.

Jenny's foot punishment continues as she counts off the whips to her feet. Jenny's toes are cuffed together, and hot wax is poured on her already sore feet. A metal pinwheel is also used on her soles. Clothes pins are attached to her toes. A rubber band is used to snap on her punished feet as well.

A month has now passed, and Jenny's friends have started looking for her. Jenny's friend has tracked her down to the mistress’s house, and now reads the sign just how Jenny did. Nicole has heard of this Mistress before and takes no chances, she removes her shoes and cleans her feet at the door. She is greeted at the door by a nude Jenny who does not seem to really recognize Nicole and invites her in to let her know that the Mistress will be with her shortly.

Nicole tells Jenny to put on her boots and they are getting out of here! Daphne catches Jenny trying to escape with Nicole and tells her that she has been a bad girl! Daphne orders Jenny to cuff Nicole while sitting on the couch.

Daphne has Nicole to watch as Jenny lies on the ground and has her feet slapped and punished for disobeying her rules. Jenny is now compliant after being punished and they escort Nicole into the dining room where she is made to strip and lie on the table. Daphne makes Jenny cuff her friends’ hands, ankles and toes and whip her bare feet with a cane while counting out the whippings. Nicole is soon in tears.

Clothespins are now placed on Nicole's toes while she begs her friend for help. But Jenny is trained too well and punishes her friends’ feet with a metal pinwheel and hot wax. Daphne takes her turn training Nicole with a rubber band and the pinwheel as well. After quite some time, Jenny is praised for a job well done and Nicole is left crying on the table.






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