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In this custom video, Whitney brings a boy back to her house to meet her room mate. He suggests that they all move to the bedroom to get more intimate. They question him, and he says "Everything will be OK" and they head to the bedroom.

Once they get to the bedroom he asks them to kiss each other, they hesitate, and he once again tells them that everything will be fine, and they start to make out.

In fact, he eventually has them naked on the bed kissing each other passionately, every time they are concerned about doing something, he assures them that everything will be fine, and they do it!

The guy convinces Whitney to go down on him while Rachel massages his body. They were unsure at first, but with his assurance that everything will be fine, they start their threesome.

After he is finished, he brings the girls into the living room and has them take a seat on a pair of chairs, and has Rachel tie Whitney to the chair, and shoves a dildo in her panties.

She doesn't really want to, but he assures her that everything will be fine and she complies. He then ties Rachel up with a dildo in her panties and leaves the girls in the room with both dildos vibrating them to orgasm!

Running time - 30:29



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