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Part 1 - Daphne has decided to go riding at the stables today, so she wakes her roomie Jenny up to see if she wants to go. Jenny says sure, and gets dressed up in her gear. Daphne sits in the corner and watches Jenny get ready, and gets so turned on by the riding gear that she starts to touch herself through her riding pants. After Jenny is dressed, the girls walk off towards the stables. The girls return from a hard day of riding, and take to the couch for a little relaxation. Daphne explains to Jenny that equestrian gear has always turned her on, and asks how she feels about fooling around with another girl. Jenny is reluctant at first, but Daphne takes the lead and takes Jenny into the bedroom and has her way with her...

Part 2 - Jenny & Daphne have returned from the stables and sit on the couch to watch some TV. Jenny tells Daphne that she's too bored to watch TV . Jenny heads to the bedroom ,Daphne follows soon after and what Jenny didn't know is that all the riding has Daphne hot and bothered .

Part 3 - Daphne & Jenny start to chat, when the talk starts to turn to what makes them horny. Daphne admits that riding clothes really turn her on, and Jenny asks her if she'd like to watch her model her equestrian clothing. They make their way to the bedroom where Jenny changes into full riding gear. She places her booted foot upon Daphne's knee and Daphne runs her tongue up the hard leather. She bends Jenny over the bed on her knees and grabs her tight ass. She moves up behind her, grabs her hair and starts to grind...

Running time - 1:20:01

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