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As we left things the evil Electra has now eaten and devoured both super girl and Bat girl. Electra has since sent a photo out within the superheroine community which is a photo of Bat girl's mask which she burped up and its all part of her next trap to consumed the next superheroine.

Justice girl and The Green Hornet having received the photo come together and decide to join has in an effort to stop the Evil Electra and to find their superheroine friends Super girl and Bat girl. The girls work together and try to figure out the location the photo was taken they know that's where they will find Electra.

They have success and are able to find out where the photo was taken and now know where to find Electra. The girls know that she wont be able to handle two superheroines and with that they head off to Electra's s location.

The girls arrive at the location and slowly start to look around for Electra. Then green Hornet enters a room and sees who she thinks is Bat girl lying on the floor as we can see the girl is wearing Bat Girls's mask. Green Hornet yells out to Justice Girl saying I found Bat girl and she enters the room but Justice girl shouts for her to wait and suddenly the door shuts behind trapping Justice girl outside and trapping Green hornet in the room and slowly the girl wearing Bat girl's mask rises to her feet laughing and takes of the mask to reveal it is Electra.

Electra says Green hornet just fell for her trap and now is going to become her next victim. As Justice Girl desperately bangs on the door trying to get in but she cant at the step-moment Green Hornet starts to battle Electra alone and they start throwing punches but having eaten and absorbed both super girl and bat girl's powers Electra has become stronger and as much as Green Hornet tries Electra is able to beat her down and then Electra uses Super girl's super breath to knock Green hornet right up against the door that actually knocks the door open which hits Justice girl and they both end up flying across the room.

Both girls are able to get to their feet as Electra enters the room laughing saying not even two superheroines can stop her. Both Justice girl and Green Hornet beg to differ and working together 2 on 1 they start to fight Electra and though they try hard and seem to have the advantage again having absorbed Super girl and Bat girl's powers Electra is still too strong and she is able to knock both girls down again.

Electra then decides its time to even the odds and for one of the girls to join and end up where their super friends are being held which is of course Electra's stomach and so with that Electra quickly decides on which superheroine to eat and she decides to pick Green Hornet and then Electra opens her mouth up real wide like she had done before and she quickly grabs a hold Green Hornet's legs and begins to eat her as she becomes fully aware what is happening to her and we see her struggling as she starts to slowly disappear off screen as we hear slurping and gulping sounds in the background till she is completely gone and we then hear a big gulp.

Justice girl slowly comes too and is then shocked at what she sees as she sees Electra licking her lips and rubbing her now once again large distended pregnant like belly. Electra tells Justice girl That her friend Green hornet was real tasty maybe even more tasty than her other friends Super girl and Bat girl and then Electra lets out a small burp. Justice girl now realizes that her friends Super girl and Bat girl must have been eaten too.

We can then hear Green hornet screaming and shouting within Electra's stomach asking for help. Justice girl demands Electra give up and release Green Hornet and the rest of her friends but Electra just laughs and says don't worry you will soon join them in her stomach. Electra says I may have just eaten your friend Green Hornet but I think I can still squeeze you inside me even if it means getting a bigger belly than what I have now.

Electra then goes on the attack and she and Justice girl begin to fight one on one. Justice girl is able to get some shots in but its hard as she is also trying not to hit Electra's stomach knowing Green hornet at the step-moment is inside it plus so is Super girl and Bat girl. Justice girl continues to put up a good fight but Electra is still too strong even with a big full pregnant like belly and she is able to get the upper hand on Justice girl and is able to subdue her and she knocks her down.

Electra then laughs and rubs her big belly and says its time for you to join your friends inside of me and also says hopefully she will fit inside this already big belly of mine. Electra then once again opens her mouth up real wide and begins to eat Justice girl though she really struggles a little having already eaten a superheroine earlier on and not being able to digest her but that doesn't stop her. Electra takes her time and starts slowly beginning eating Justice girl's feet, then legs, then her body as Justice Girl becomes aware of what is happening to her and she slowly but surly begins to disappear off screen as we hear again slurping and gulping sounds.

Finally we see one last shot of Justice girl's face and then it disappears and we hear one final big gulp from Electra and she has done it she has eaten not one but two superheroines all at once and whole. We then get a shot of Electra as she lies on the floor struggling to move. Her belly has now doubled in size then it once was it is extremely huge but even though she is extremely in discomfort Electra doesn't matter too much because the main thing is not one but another two superheroines have now met their demise. Electra then lets out a very big burp.

We can hear Electra's stomach groaning and sloshing around but we also hear the faint voices of now both Green Hornet and Justice Girl. Electra just continues to lie down unable to move due to the size of her belly and just rubs it and admires it as she waits for her meals to be digested and then she also will absorb two more super powers making her even stronger.

She then wonders if there really is any more superheroines out there for her to eat but again if there are she says she still has plenty of room inside her stomach for them and they will soon be reunited with their fellow super friends inside of it. She will continue until there is no superheroines left in the whole world and That's where we leave things at.

The End.

Running time - 17:56



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