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We begin where we left off in Disgorge with Lectra shocked as she was about to devour her prey to only find out it was actually Electra at the last step-moment!

The two villains square off and prepare to do battle! It is very even at first even with Lectra fighting with a huge swollen belly. Electra is slowly overpowered and throws in a curve ball by spewing up some help, in the form of partially digested Supergirl!

She puts Supergirl under her power once again and orders her to attack Lectra. The battle rages for several minutes before Lectra finally spews up her own super hero, Wonder Woman!

Lectra places Wonder Woman under her control and orders her to attack Supergirl. The two super heroes do battle for some time and a double simultaneous punch stuns both superheroines and snaps them out of the control of the evil step-sisters.

They now realize that they should be battling Electra and Lectra and the battle royal is on!It is an epic fight with back and forth blows exchanged with each villain battling a super heroine, Electra vs Supergirl, and Lectra vs Wonder Woman.

Eventually the Super-heroines are worn down and KO'd by the step-sisters, and with a glance at each other, their mouths open up wide, and the superheroines are digested alive.Now, their appetites sated, the girls look at each other.

Is the end or just the beginning?

Running time - 18:35



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