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We start this film where we left off in Blood Ties, Electra's step-sister Lectra has just eaten Electra in a shocking turn of events.

She explains to Electra who is now in her bloated belly, how she had planned this all along, and now she is free to devour anyone she chooses!

Lectra then morphs into her Super Villain costume with a devilish laugh!

We then zoom to Electra who is inside Lectra's stomach. She can feel her powers being slowly digested and needs to come up with a plan fast. She knows she cant beat Lectra alone so schemes to bring back Super Girl and Wonder Woman to help her out.

Electra coughs up both Super Heroines, and when they see Electra, they attack! A fight ensues but eventually Electra strikes a deal with the Super Heroines. If they help her defeat Lectra, she will bring back all of the missing Super Heroines and all of the citizens she has eaten as well.

Sometime later we see Lectra pacing the room, planning her next meal when she is hit with a sudden bout of nausea. She spews up Super Girl and Wonder Woman and a fight is on! The battle goes back and forth but eventually Lectra takes the upper hand as both Super Heroines are severely weakened.

Lectra devours Wonder Woman first and with a huge, bloated belly turns her appetite on Super Girl, ready for a SUPER FEAST!

Lectra opens her maw up wide, prepares to eat Super Girl whole. And then her eyes open wide with surprise.. ** Editors Note - Youll have to see for yourself!!**

Running time - 17:01



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