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Electra is in her lair when there is a knock at the door. She wonders who it could be, as no one knows where she lives.

She walks off screen and we hear a male voice that sounds like a delivery man. We then hear Electra's mouth open and her vicious scream and then a gulp.

Electra is now shown with a huge belly reading some paperwork. It is bloodwork from her doctors office stating that she actually has a step-sister! Electra is shocked because she never knew she had any siblings, and decides to pay this step-sister a visit. Sometime later we see Electra knocking at a door, wearing street clothes.

A brunette answers the door and when Electra starts to say that she is Ellie the girl states that she knows who she is... her step-sister!Electra is ushered in and introduced to her step-sister Alex and her step-sisters roommate, Lexi.

They discuss how Alex had been looking for her long lost step-sister, and how Lexi helped track her down. Discussion then turns to Alexis hobby of following Super heroines! She tells Ellie how there have been a bunch of disappearances lately and that she knows that an evil villain named Electra is behind it!

Lexi leaves the room as she is bored and does not share Alex's love for Super heroines.Ellie says that she would love to help Alex track down Electra! Alex leaves the room and comes back dressed in her very own Super heroine outfit!

She has a tracking device that beeps when a Super heroine is near, and it is going off like crazy, especially around Ellie's stomach! Alex realizes that Ellie is really Electra!

Electra transforms into her villain outfit and enlightens Alex to who she really is before eating her down!After her meal, Electra spots Lexi who had just seen the whole thing! She knows that she cant leave a witness and blasts Lexi with a powerful breath weapon, leaving Lexi out on the floor.

As she waddles over, bloated from eating Alex, she prepares to eat Lexi as well.. Until Lexis eyes snap open and HER JAW OPENS WIDE!!

Electra is caught off guard and Lexi is able to devour Electra whole!We leave with Lexi rubbing her huge, swollen belly with a content look on her face.

Running time - 15:09



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