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We begin where we left off in Feast with Electra and Lectra eyeing each other after they had feasted on super heroines.

Is it going to be a fight or can they work together? Before the decision can be made, out of nowhere Alex is back, and in her superheroine costume!

The step-sisters look at each other confused. How did she escape Electra's stomach? They both saw her eat Alex! Electra decides to finish the job and eat Alex once again, but Lectra isn't having it, she wants her roommate for herself!

She delivers a massive blow to Electra that knocks her off her feet and Electra falls to the ground holding her swollen belly. Lectra attacks Alex but this time something has changed, all of her attacks are doing nothing and Alex is MUCH stronger!

Quickly Lectra is knocked to the ground by Alex and Electra watches with wide eyes as Alex's mouth opens up wide, just like hers does, and she eats Lectra whole, big belly and all! Electra jumps to her feet and confronts the now swollen Alex as to what is going on.

Alex explains that Lectra wasn't Electra's only step-sister, that Alex was the middle step-sister and has all of the same powers, except that she is good, not evil! Electra laughs and launches an attack but Alex is stronger once again and Electra is soon knocked down and eaten as well!

We then cut to Alex receiving an award at a superhero conference and she explains that with her powers she is here to fight evil, and she was able to release all of the superheroines and citizens that Electra had eaten and here on out will be known as The Amazing Alexis!

We then zoom to Alexis's stomach where Lectra and Electra are pacing, bored and Lectra is trying to plot a way out. Electra gets the jump on Lectra as she is distracted and eats her whole is this the end?

Running time - 11:16



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