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Scarlett dressed in the school uniform and wearing the same shoes as before. This video takes place right after class, and of course she noticed me staring at her the whole time she was squeaking her shoes. So in this video, she teases me more and more. She sits down on the chair, with me on the floor looking up at her and squeaks her shoes in different positions to see which sounds i like best, based on my reactions. The shoes should be fully fastened to start with. Squeaking them crossed ankles behind the chair, out in front uncrossed, and any other positions she would like to try. She then admits to me that her feet are aching a little and getting sweaty inside after all the sexy squeaking she does. She unbuckles her shoes and now starts dangling and squeaking in them. At this point we can both smell her foot sweat, and she describes the smell to me.

She continues teasing me squeaking her shoes until they eventually fall off. She then tells me that because she's been squeaking them a lot it's now my turn to do her a favor. She presents her feet one at a time at the camera, and she wants me to massage them. She tells me how she likes it throughout, and then repeats the process with the other foot.

She puts her shoes back on and squeaks them right in my face for the ultimate tease. She tells me to massage her feet while she's squeaking them, reminding me to be careful to not trap my fingers. To finish she sits on the floor opposite me, puts her shoes in my lap and squeaks them non stop giving me a countdown to cum, finally allowing me to relieve any tension. The clip ends with her giggling and saying how much fun she had watching me squirm to the squeaks of her shoes.


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