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Laney is a business woman out to eat at a nice restaurant, when her server (Aria) spills wine all down the front of Laney’s blouse Laney is mortified and Aria offers to wash it in the back.  Laney tries to enjoy the dinner in just her skirt and bra but when a clumsy Aria spills her plate of pasta all over Laney’s lap she doesn’t know what to do! Aria once again offers to wash the skirt and Laney continues her meal in just bra and panties. The waitress once again spills the pasta all over Laney’s bra and panties covering Laney’s chest and legs. Laney’s bra is taken to the back to get washed and when Aria returns with dessert, the bowl of ice cream is accidentally poured on Laney’s head! Laney has finally had enough and tries to get up but slips on all the food and falls on the ground, covered in her dinner! No tip for you Aria!

Running time – 10:48

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