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Well if it isn't my little dickpop! how I love sucking on that little tiny dick of yours, I wanna see it ? Do you mind if I take your pants off? Awww..Look at how cute it is, its so hard right now, what is it 2 inches..I heard you wanted to date one of my cheerleader friends, but cheerleaders don't like pin dicks like yours, but I do, I'll suck on that weewee, and I'll ride it until you pop! Let me start by jerking it, its hard to put my hand around this tiny pee pee, its so cute and small, I'm going to jerk it, suck it and then I'm going to ride it! Good thing my pussies tight, I might even be able to kind of feel your micro pee pee! POV, simulated blow job, BJ, blow job, hand job, simulated hand job, Jerk off, simulated sex, big breasts, fake tits, girl on top, small penis encouragement, small penis humiliation

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