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An evil witch played by Daphne prays to the evil spirits to grant her more powers. When the demons answer they hatch a plan to target the reincarnation of the Demon Queen, Demona – who now lives peacefully on Earth with her husband as the mortal woman, Rebecca.

The witch travels to Earth and slowly starts the transformation, awakening the latent demon queen inside of Rebecca.

Rebecca fights the blossoming powers inside of her Earthly body, feebly clinging to her boring mortal life, but the witch is able to convince her to let her into the house as a house maid, and from there she is able to fully awaken Demona once again with her evil powers, and there is no room for Rebecca’s husband in her new life, and together the witch and Demona remove the mortal man and Demona rises once again!

This is a custom movie that focuses on transformation, and magic.

Running time –  20:52



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