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Daphne plays the role of an evil, ancient witch who is harnessing the power of evil spirits in her lair. She seeks to strengthen her evil powers and the spirits reply by telling her how to complete an evil trinity of spirits by transforming two women into evil witches like herself.

Daphne arrives at Rachel and Heather's house the next morning and waits outside their house while Rachel is out for her morning job. She tells Rachel that her boyfriend has kicked her out of her house.

She uses her powers to Rachel into letting her stay with her. Later that evening the girls show Daphne her room in the house.

She thanks them. Rachel then goes to sit at the pool as she likes to do in the evenings to read her books. She props her feet on the table and falls a.

We see Daphne in her room waking up from her fake , as her trap has been sprung! With a flash of lightning Daphne transforms into her evil countenance, mask and all. Daphne finds Rachel at the pool and plays with her propped up feet while she s.

Rachel awakens to find no one there.. she hears a humming noise and is drawn towards the end of the patio where Daphne stands calling to her. Rachel's phone rings and snaps her out of her trance! She tries to run but Daphne uses her powers to pull her back as a red beam pulses from her outstretched hand.

Daphne grasps Rachel by the neck and tells her to relax and let evil do its job she places Rachel back in her chair and massages her shoulders. Daphne places her mask upon Rachel's face.

The mask pulses red and the evil spirits flow into Rachel's body, strengthening the evil already inside of her. We cut to Heather's room where she is trying to get something out of her closet, Daphne is behind her and places her boots under the feet of Heather and sparks fly from her soles!

Heather stumbles and Daphne grabs her and draws Heather into her power using the power of the mask. They sway slowly back and forth.. the mask is then placed on Heather and her evil within is also strengthened.

The next morning the girls are doing their normal activities remarking on great they feel, they have so much energy! Later that evening Daphne joins Heather in her room, Heather explains that she feels strange and Daphne tells her that it is only the darkness within trying to get out.

Heather tries to escape but Daphne uses her powers to persuade Heather to stay and be with her. The girls then start to kiss on the bed and Daphne feeds Heather a bite of a poisoned apple, designed to strengthen the evil within.

We cut to Rachel out at the pool, and Rachel hears someone calling her name. Its Daphne, and Daphne asks her why she hates men so much, Rachel denies it at first, but Daphne knows her secrets and uses her powers to make Rachel hate men much, much more.

Daphne starts to slowly dance over Rachel and Rachel can only stare as Daphne's rhythmic movements slowly put her under Daphne continues to dance over Rachel and eventually tells Rachel that the seed of evil inside of her needs to be fed and hands her a poisoned apple. Rachel eats it with some convincing from Daphne.

The next morning both girls are in their morning routines, very angry for some reason! Heather calls the dean and quits school, Rachel calls her boyfriend and breaks it off with him. They are furious as the evil within tries to escape.

We then see Daphne enter the room and start to massage Rachel's head.. she whispers in her ear that tonight is the final night. Heather walks in and asks when Daphne is leaving their house.. she tells her that tonight is the final night..

That night Rachel is at the pool when she hears her name being called, she is powerless to stop Daphne's command and follows the voice inside where she is knocked .

We then see Heather in bed, and Daphne is rubbing her feet while she s. When she finally awakens Daphne brings her downstairs with a rhythmic sway of her head and a soft chant.. Heather follows. The girls are now laid out on the floor, feet to feet. Daphne is in her witch outfit and pulses her hand on the girls stomachs and we see a red glow as the evil responds.

It is now time for the final part of the ceremony! Daphne calls forth the evil spirits that have been nurtured within the two girls body and with a clap of thunder they arise as witches.. a demonic trio!

Running time - 44:24



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