Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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Jae and Kaylee are roommates. One day after work Jae is talking about a guy she likes at work , rattling on and on, while Kaylee barely listens and starts to drift off in her head about how she doesn't want to hear about Jae's boy problems and it could just be the two of them..

Kaylee starts to daydream about what would happen if she made a move on Jae and her fantasy takes her to the girls on the couch and a passionate make out session starts. Jae is cleave gagged and tied up while Kaylee takes advantage of her...While Kaylee is daydreaming, in real life, Jae has taken the time to turn the tables and has tied Kaylee up on the couch and cleave gags HER and takes advantage of Kaylee, making out with her in any way she wants!!

Running time - 19:42

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