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We start with Natalie in full length, tight blue jeans with belt, boxer shorts underneath, tank top, socks and shoes, with a clipboard and pen, sitting on her couch, awaiting Emma's appointment.

Emma arrives in full length, tight blue jeans, dressed similar to Natalie. Emma is applying for a job at Daphne's Doms and Natalie is going to interview her.  After some small talk about Natalie's powerful thighs, she gives Emma a tease by almost taking off her jeans, and then laughs saying she is an assistant, she doesn't need to participate.

The evaluation starts, and both girls start to do squats in the jeans.Natalie then goes to get Daphne. Daphne likes Emma's attitude and massages up and down her legs.  Now its time to test her some more. Daphne puts Emma in a figure four leg lock, she tells Natalie to sit down next to her, and grabs onto Natalie's thighs for leverage as she applies more pressure.

The next test is cardio. Emma is going to compete with Natalie doing lunges. After some time Emma is super tiered and collapse onto the ground. Daphne is pleased and slaps the thighs of both girls, and tells them to stand. The final test is sexy appeal. Daphne requests that Emma give her the sexiest lap dance she can. Emma dances for Daphne and Daphne puts her hand on Natalie's thighs and begins to rub up and down them as she watches Emma.  

Daphne then starts to unbuckle Emma's belt and Jeans, and unzips her jeans to reveal her boxer shorts. After several minutes, Daphne stands up and congregates Emma on the interview, and she will finish it tomorrow. The next day, Emma arrives back at the studio for part two of her interview.  This time Emma is going to wrestle Daphne with Natalie as referee.

Daphne shoots for Emma's legs and takes her down. Once down, Emma quickly puts Daphne in a body scissor. Daphne then starts slowly unbuckling Emma's belt and jeans saying she would rather feel her legs than her jeans.  

The match continues with various scissor holds by both girls.Daphne eventually wins, and Emma is disappointed. Now Daphne makes Natalie wrestle Emma. Both girls do their best to win with lots of body scissor holds.Eventually, Emma wins by getting Natalie to submit in a figure four lock. Pleased, Daphne offers Emma the job.

Running time - 26:50



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