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Daphne and Monique have been assaulted by Monique's ex boyfriend. They filed charges against him for an assault and now he is wanting some payback for their snitching.

The girls are on the couch stuck in neck braces for their unbelievable pain. They are also wearing diapers in case they aren't able to make it to the bathroom in time.

Her ex barges in and the girls panic, wrenching their necks in the process, they fall to the ground and he rips the neck braces off of them as they cry out in agony.

Monique returns home from work, wearing a neck brace and a diaper from a severe accident. She stumbles to the bathroom, holding her neck, crying out in pain. She tries to make it to the toilet, sits down, but is in so much pain she falls off, and lies writhing on the ground, soiling her diaper in the process.

Running time - 9:06

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