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Jae is a on the couch when her phone rings. It is Daphne, and she is looking for her twin step-sister. Jae briefly talks about the disappearance with Daphne and invites Daphne over for dinner.

Hanging up the phone, we see Jae has a large, engorged belly, and we can hear it digesting. You see, Jae is really a top of the food chain Predator, and she has eaten Daphne's twin step-sister earlier.

Knowing that she needs more room for Daphne, she stands up and vomits the earlier meal onto the floor, we see Daphne's twin step-sister lying naked on the floor. Jae is disappointed as she knows the meal would have made her ass and boobs look great.Later that night we see Daphne making cookies and Jae watching hungrily.

Jae takes a cookies from the tray and decides it needs some more seasoning and shoves it down Daphne's pants, rubbing it on her pussy. Daphne exclaims how weird it is, as Jae eats the cookie with obvious pleasure.

Jae then lifts Daphne onto the counter and moves in between her legs with her head. Daphne is uncomfortable at first but then gives into the pleasure of Jaes tongue, finally crying out that she is going to cum!After her orgasm, she tries to push Jae off, but Jae is relentless and will not stop, and we can hear a low sucking, slurping sound and Daphne starts to feel very weak eventually passing out on the counter.Later that evening we see Jae with Daphne's head on her lap, on the couch.

She tells Daphne to save her strength, she was originally planning on swallowing her whole, but then discovered how tasty her juices were, and is now going to keep her alive, savoring the snack!

Running time - 9:35



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