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Comet has an insatiable appetite for earth girls. Her friend Moon has informed her in how to order the tastiest girls for her dinner desires. After ordering a succulent little blonde to her house, Comet asks her to undress so she can see exactly what she is having for dinner.Jenny undresses and Comet starts to drool over Jenny's tight perky ass.

She tells Jenny that she is going to eat her for dinner, and playing along, Jenny gets on the table.The girls start to kiss and caress, and Jenny starts to think something may be wrong... but it is too late.

As Comet's mouth opens unnaturally wide and a horrific screech erupts from her cavernous maw, Jenny tries to frantically back away, but Comet grabs her head first and slowly gobbles her down, enjoying every sweet, salty bite...After her appetite is sated Comet sits back and is immediately turned on and starts to masturbate, thinking how delicious the little blonde was, and planning her next meal.

Running time - 17:07



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