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Daphne and Jenny are coming home from a night out in miniskirts, tops and knee/thigh high heeled boots (Jenny in a schoolgirl costume and boots and Daphne in the corset miniskirt and thigh boots) when the two guys attack them from behind as they are entering their house. Jenny gets put into a er hold and passes out as Daphne is knocked to the ground and put in a camel clutch, made to watch as Jenny slowly passes out.

Jenny is left on the floor out cold as the guy walks over to Daphne and starts fondling her breasts as she moans but cannot do anything about it. He then walks behind her, spreads her legs apart and kicks her in the crotch a few times as she moans in great pain. They let her go and take off her top, leaving her in bra, miniskirt and boots. Next one guy lifts her up across his shoulders into a hangman hold as the other mixes punches to the abs and crotch, then he takes off her skirt leaving her in her undies after which the first guy lifts her over the shoulders into a tease rack hold. as he holds her across his shoulders she slowly passes out.

In the meanwhile the first guy walks over to Jenny and strips her down to her underwear, then puts her in a surfboard hold After knocking Daphne out he drops her to the ground spread-eagle, the guy walks over and wraps Jenny' skirt around her throat while she is in the surfboard and begins to her. They hold her there in this position until she is just about to pass out and then they release her and turn her over onto her front then remove her bra . One guy straddles her and traps her arms under his legs then begins slapping/punching her.

As he does so the other guy begins punching her in the abs and crotch. Jenny is KO'd after a few slaps, they turn her over onto her front and one guy puts her in a single leg Boston crab. He gives a few punches to her pussy then he begins fondling it. The other guy pulls her head up by the hair and wraps her bra around her throat her again, she passes out soon while moaning in pain/pleasure.

Daphne wakes up as Jenny passes out, she regains her wits and begins crawling towards the phone. Before she can get to it, one of the guys grabs her by the hair, yanks her to her knees and then bends her over his knee in an over the knee back breaker. he presses down on her neck and crotch as the other guy comes over and removes her bra and begins groping her breasts.

They hold her here for a long while and end this with three double fists to her abs and drop her to the floor. Next they put her in a combo bow and arrow hold, each grabbing a leg and an arm, putting their legs into her side and pulling her apart like a wishbone - a nice shot of her crotch being stretched would be great here. She begs them to stop, but to no avail. They finally let her go, and drag her over to her friend who is still out cold. one of them puts Daphne in a dragon er, while the other guy wakes Jenny. Daphne's legs are trapped under her butt and Jenny's positioned so that she is lying spreadeagled face down facing Daphne.

The guy grabs a vibrator and places it on Jenny's pussy as she lies there, arousing her through her panties. As he does so he lifts her head and has her to watch her friend As Daphne begs for mercy and Jenny cries out for the villains to leave them alone, She goes silent, a shot of her face with eyes closed He lets her drop to the ground, she lies on her back with her legs trapped underneath her and her legs spread wide, wearing nothing but her panties and boots. The second guy puts Jenny in a camel clutch and wraps his arm under her throat, the vibrator is doing its job and as she orgasms.

Running time - 39:21



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