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Chloe is on the phone getting ready for bed, talking to Daphne. She tells Daphne how kinky she is after Daphne describes some dirty things she did with her boyfriend.Chloe lays down to and starts to dream about Daphne.In Chloe's dream she is on the couch in her lingerie when Daphne appears dressed in a black corset and a sexy pair of black leather gloves.

Chloe is a little nervous at first as Daphne rubs her gloves on her bare legs, and Daphne tells her to smell the leather. She describes to Chloe how sexy the gloves are, and even having them on her hands can make her cum. She covers Chloe's mouth with her gloved hand while she rubs her hand up and down Chloe's body. She rubs Chloe's pussy with her gloved hand while the other covers Chloe's mouth as Chloe moans and writhes with pleasure...

Chloe is back in bed ing and grinding on her pillow on her mattress in her as she dreams of Daphne bringing her to orgasm with her sexy gloved hands. She wakes up and comments on how weird it was and calls Daphne on the phone to let her know about the crazy dream!

She laughs it off and goes back to where she is back on the couch and Daphne appears again in her black corset, black thigh highs and black leather gloves.Daphne takes charge and tells Chloe that she is going to make her cum again and again and spreads Chloe's legs with her gloved hands.

She grabs Chloe's throat with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other bringing her to orgasm. Then Daphne sits on the couch and Chloe straddles her reverse, while Daphne has one hand around her throat, and the other on Chloe's pussy through her panties. After several more positions Chloe awakens from the dream... to find a black leather glove under he pillow.It was just a dream wasn't it?

Running time - 19:35

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