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Jae and Whitney want to play with their toy Roxy before Mistress Layla arrives home. Jae is naked and Whitney is in her skin tight blue PVC body suit. The girls tie up Roxy with pink bondage tape and enjoy some Cheetos while having Roxy to eat them as well.

When Layla arrives home and finds the girls playing without her permission, she decides to punish them. She ties up both girls with bondage tape and rope and has Cheetos down their throat as well as pouring Cheetos all over them.

Jae and Whitney are left on the floor in a pile of Cheetos while they eat them between kissing while Mistress Layla watches from the couch with Roxy.

Layla puts more bondage tape on Roxy and shoves some Cheetos in her mouth before moving to the floor to check on her other girls. Layla puts ball gags in both Whitney and Jae’s mouth while they roll around in the crushed Cheetos.

Layla then shoves more Cheetos in Roxy’s mouth before wrapping it shut with more tape, and then tying a Hitachi between Roxy’s legs and turning it on!

Eventually Layla leaves to go pleasure herself in her bedroom and Roxy is left tied on the couch with the Hitachi on her now swollen clit while Whitney and Jae take turns eating each other out on the pile of Cheetos eventually leading into a cheesy, messy sixty-nine!

Finally, both girl’s appetites sated, they decide to go spend some time with Roxy who has been left on the couch with the Hitachi, brought to orgasm multiple times!

Running time – 42:23



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