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So today I'm going to make you burn your dick..haha, and you will obey me! I know your already hard just by looking at me and you love when I tell you what to do! And you especially love when I make you tease yourself to prove your loyalty to me.. So this is What I want to see, you don't get to use your hands to cum today, today you will be humping the carpet, and rubbing dick really hard against the carpet, making your dick and balls so raw, I wanna see rug burn, rub rash, and dick so raw, its going to hurt for at least a week. I hope you have ice and Vaseline, cause your going to need it after I'm through with you! CBT, masturbation instruction, JOI, jerk off instruction, Femdom, Female domination, humiliation, slave, puppy play, slave training, cbt instructions

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