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After returning home from work, Daphne is set upon by a masked intruder and after a struggle, she is KO'd. Then the intruder carries her to the kitchen table where is is then hog tied by white rope on the table in her small pink gym shorts and pantie hose. She eventually starts to stir....

After untying Daphne from the table, the villain picks her body up and throws her over his shoulder. He carries her from the kitchen to the bathroom where he sets her down on the side of the tub, still out. He ties her hands over her head to the shower head with strong white rope, then stuffs her mouth, and gags her with duct tape.She slowly begins to awaken, and as he comes to check on her, she puts up a brief struggle but is no match for him ..The villain drags Daphne to the living room.

The villain slowly carries Daphne to the bedroom where he throws her body down upon the bed. He then proceeds to tie her arms and legs spread eagle to the corners of the bed with white nylon rope. Daphne awakens to only realize that she cannot move in order to escape this nightmare. She struggles in vain against her ties while the villain rubs up and down her panty hosed legs. He proceeds to rub her body from head to toe, his masked face inches away from Daphne's as she cries and screams for help.

The villain unties the white rope from Daphne's wrists and ankles. He slides her to the end of the bed, and in one swift motion, throws her over his shoulders in a fireman's carry. He slowly carries her to the kitchen where he lays her body down upon the table.

He leaves the room and Daphne lies prone upon the table...In the kitchen he has readied another .. Daphne starts to awaken upon the table, and groggily regains her senses, and sits up, wondering what is happening to her... she can barely remember where she is, or what has befallen her.She unsteadily makes her way to the living room where her purse has been left upon the table. She knows that her cell phone is close at hand, and digs in, to find it, and find away out of this nightmare. Before she can dial for help, the villain grabs her from behind, and a struggle ensues.

Running time - 59:00

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